When Rapid Weight Loss Makes the Most Sense

Sometimes You Do Need to Lose Weight Really Fast!

I bet you have heard to avoid losing weight quickly because:

1. You will experience the dreaded “yo-yo” effect.

2. It is unhealthy.

3. “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”.

That sounds good on paper, but what if you have a wedding, class reunion, vacation, or any other special event coming up?

Losing weight slowly will simply mean that you aren’t quite as fat for that event.

I Say, Losing Weight “Really Fast” Over a Short Period of Time is the Way to Go!

1. The “yo-yo” effect is NOT inevitable. It is due to slacking off after losing the weight.

2. Being fat is unhealthy (but not a politically correct thing to say).

3. “Slow and Steady” usually leads to quitting from lack of visible results.

Over the past 11 years I have run a wildly successful fitness blog (2 million visitors per year now).

The people who have made the biggest jumps in weight loss were always those who lost large chunks of weight in a short period of time.

The Biggest Tip on Losing Weight Really Fast

*The biggest thing is to create a massive weekly calorie deficit. *

I used to think in terms of tracking calories from day to day, but that simply isn’t the best mindset.

You will have days where you eat more and days where you eat less, but as long as the weekly calorie deficit is achieved, you will lose weight quickly.

The biggest hurdle to overcome is the idea that having low calorie days will slow the metabolism and lead to weight gain.

This is completely and utterly false and I have the scientific research to prove this.


This is just another example of another myth that is widely believed as fact.

Sometimes it makes sense to quickly lose weight with an aggressive diet plan. Slow and steady weight loss isn't appropriate for every situation.


-Rusty Moore